Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Blogger's Quilt Festival: ROYGBIV

Woo! It is the Blogger's Quilt Festival!! I lurve the Blogger's Quilt Festival.

I remember the sense of accomplishment when I entered the very first time. You can see my previous entries here, here and here. And of course there is all the quilty eye candy.

This year I am entering this in the ROYGBIV category:

Alison x Tula
Those of you who follow me know of my love for Tula Pink and Alison Glass (check out my #peachesbigsmokequilt hashtag to see my all Alison Glass version of Tula Pink's City Sampler).

I made this for a swap at the end of last year and am very sad that I don't have it any more.You can read the original blog post with my inspiration here. I will eventually get around to making one for myself. One day, when I finish all my WIPS (maniacal laugh).

It's actually a pillow, but it was a quilt first. Versatile ;)

Go check out all the other lovely quilts in the Quilt Festival and a big thanks to Amy for hosting it.


  1. This is so fun! Love all of that Alison Glass!

  2. Even in the thumbnail, I thought it felt like there was some Alison Glass in this one! Lol. Her fabrics truly are lovely, as is your quilt! Such a fun design, I keep switching between seeing rings, then X's and O's! :)

  3. Tula AND Alison together, what a color explosion! Great job!

  4. I just adore this mini!! Such great colour, and a neat pattern too! You need to make yourself another to keep.

  5. Gorgeous quilt, those saturated fabrics are perfect!

  6. Lovely! I can see that it would have been hard to part with - you must make another one :-)


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