Monday, 22 June 2015

Sunday Stash: a belated craft and quilt fair edition

Last weekend I went to the Craft and Quilt Fair in Sydney. Needless to say I picked up some goodies. 

First off I got some Liberty - there was a ridiculous amount of choice but I settled on these goodies. I love my little Liberty rainbow. I have grand plans for these babies that involve some chambray. 

My first Liberty

Then I got some low volume for my stash. The Tula just sort of fell into my basket. 

I couldn't resist this My Little Pony fabric for the littles. 

And I am most excited about getting this quilting foot for my sewing machine. 

I gave it a try but I am truly terrible! It was loads of fun though and I can only get better with practice. I am thinking on checking out Craftsy. Anyone done a course they rate highly?

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  1. Tula has a way of 'falling' into baskets! Love the liberty too! I have never taken a craftsy class. From what I have heard over and over...they are worth it! FMQ does take practice! I dabble in it every once in a while, by no means am I good at it!

  2. Gorgeous Liberty and stashing! My girls would love those ponies. I looked at Leah Days video and blog (the videos are all free) and she's great at explaining different designs. I found her very inspiring!

  3. Just keep practicing, FMQ can be a lot of fun. You might want to try lowering your machine speed so that you can put your foot all the way down on the peddle so you can get use to moving your hands without worrying about foot speed. I found it easier to just scribble around until I got use to actually making turns and curves. Just remember to have fun :)

  4. Oh, fabrics falling in carts. That's a serious quilter problem :). FMQ I find is best done with practice, a lot of practice. My best results are just quilting a top and by the end of the quilt, I have mastered the pattern (then donate the quilt to charity and pretended that never existed!) Good luck in your FMQ quest.


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