Sunday, 11 October 2015

Q4 FAL Goal Setting

My disbelief as to where the year has gone continues. Here is my list for the last hurrah of 2015!

A Garment a Month list

1. Swoon - I just want this done
2. My Spell it with Fabric quilt

Just the quilting to go
3. My Genny & Ruth Quilt

1. A 241 tote. I'm going to use that lovely Alison Glass Art Theory fabric. 
2. A curvy clutch for my mum's bestie's mum's 90th
3. My Marmalade granny square pillow
4. My Birds and Bees economy block pillow
5. A pillow case for my own little wild thing (my nephew Max)

This is going to be a lovely big pillow

There's so much more I want to make - I am trying to keep Q4 realistic, but I think next year I am going to list out all of my UFOs and just get them done. 

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  1. Love your Spell it quilt. I like those blocks you used on the top and bottom rows to even things out. Are they books? Too cute!


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