Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Q3 FAL goal setting

Ok, here we are for my Q3 (!!) FAL goals. Where has the year gone?

So this quarter I am dropping off any that are unlikely to get finished this quarter - there is just too much going on.

So here goes....

A Garment a Month list
1. Ella Top - I have some left over fabric from the back of my Sea Star quilt that I want to use
2. Fancy Sailor Top
3. Flatter Me Frock  (I am a bit scared of this one)

1. Swoon - I just want this done
2. My Spell it with Fabric quilt

1. July AHBC Gift - shhh! It's a secret
2. A curvy clutch for my mum's bestie's mum's 90th

There's so much more I want to make but I want to be able to have a realistic list of goals, not everything under the sun. 

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  1. Ok this is probably a repeat but can you tell me where you are getting the patterns for your "spell it with fabric quilt"? thanks

    1. Hi Patti, I hope you see this - you area no reply blogger :(
      Anyway, Moda did a blog hop last year around February. If you search on "spell it with Moda" or "spell it with Fabric" you should find it no worries. I have just been going to the individual stops in the hop. Good luck!

  2. I'm trying to keep it realistic for Q3 too. Life just keeps on getting busier and busier!

  3. The curvy clutch sounds great - I hope to see you finish it.

  4. I certainly leave "everything under the sun" with my WIP list. Yours looks so doable by comparison. :-)


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