Monday, 4 May 2015

ALYoF May goal: AMH Mini

Last month I forgot to post a goal for ALYoF, so this month when I saw the first post I thought "I must get on that"!!

This month is a bit of a weak goal as it is something that I MUST get done. And yet it must get done so I guess it's good to have some public accountability. 

My goal this month is to finish off my April gift for my handmade birthday club. (I know, I am LATE! But our house flooded last month so I am claiming extenuating circumstances). I am making an AMH mini for the birthday girl who expressed a desire for a mini made entirely of AMH fabric. 


This was quite fortuitous for me since I had bought a charm pack of Dowry in an attempt to see what all this fuss about Anna Maria Horner was. Then once I had it I was stuck - what to do with a single charm pack? The answer: hexies! In addition to getting on the AMH bandwagon I also got on board with EPP and hexies. I am quite the trend follower it seems. Now let me tell you - a charm pack of hexies does not go very far - just enough for a cushion cover if you put s border on. 

And so my hexies languished - sewn together with nothing happening. Until I read our birthday girls likes and what would make a great gift for her. Jackpot! It's a win win - I get to make something for her that hopefully she will love and I get to finish off a long term WIP. 


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