Monday, 16 February 2015

Read the Pattern!

A.K.A the Purse of Epic F*** Ups

This purse was meant to be a gift for my handmade birthday club.

The fabric is Petal & Plume by Art Gallery Fabrics. I won a FQ bundle of it in a giveaway (yay! thanks Art Gallery!). The prints are stunning and the collection has some great blenders. I don't think the photos do this line justice. Especially striking is this peacock print. Remember this for later...

The pattern is the Noodlehead Envelope Clutch Pattern. I am in love with Anna's patterns. Have a look here for other Noodlehead makes. I have also made a few of her patterns in my pre-blog life. I am a bit of a fan. I am telling you this because I want to make it clear that what happened here was not the fault of the pattern.

So, I will admit here that I am a bit of a "wing it" kind of girl when it comes to following patterns. I don't always read patterns the whole way through. I did not even read this pattern before I started. And that is where it all went wrong....

First of all, I misread the seam allowance and sewed everything with a 5/8th seam allowance, which I didn't realise was not right til I went to attach the lining - yes that's right assembly was quite advanced by then. Of course, the lining was too big to fit into the purse, cue some creative trimming.

Then I didn't realise that I had to cut the back exterior panel for assembly. So remember that peacock I was talking about before...decapitated.

Of course, had I read the pattern I would have known that...

Oh and see that thing there, that is the back of the magnetic snap. Next to my finished purse. Not sure what sort of longevity this baby will have...

At the end of the day, the finished product is cute. Testimonial to the pattern, I think. I will keep it for myself - too many stuff ups to gift on. It will definitely get some use. But the moral of the story when it comes to sewing is to READ THE PATTERN!

Gratuitous lining shot. 


  1. Poor Peacock :) This fabric line is so beautiful, I am the same way with patterns, I like to wing it :)


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