Monday, 16 February 2015

A finish: Wee Wander Roly Poly

I bought a bundle of Wee Wander probably close to a year ago to make a birthday quilt for my eldest niece. I made quite a decent dent in most of the prints, but I didn't touch either of the panel pieces. They were just lovely and it seemed criminal to cut them up, yet I couldn't quite get my head around what to make with them.

Fast forward to now, and here is Wee Wander Roly Poly in blue.

The fat quarter panel easily fit in the front piece of the pattern (I made a 2T). I used chambray for the exterior side pieces and a cute Lisette green and blue check print for the lining. 

The pattern was a pretty easy make. I was hampered a bit by my inability to read a pattern the whole way through but I still managed to sew up the whole thing in one night. 

Someone mentioned on Instagram using their blind stitch foot to get even top stitching, so I used that which was a great help (thanks for the tip, whoever you are!). 

And here are some shots of my Ms Bird "modelling". Anyone with kids knows how impossible this sort of task is - especially when you want to keep the clothes clean so you can't bribe with food. 

Perfect for conquering the playground

Next up is a pink one for my eldest. 

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  1. It's adorable!!!! What s great idea about the blind hem foot!

  2. So lovely. What a great idea to use this fabric this way

  3. That is super cute, I wish my girls weren't so big AND would wear something like this!

  4. What a great idea for a panel. I never would have thought of that.

  5. Such a cute top! I love that fabric.

  6. So fabulous! I bet it will make you happy every time she wears it!


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