Sunday, 18 January 2015

A garment a month: January - Wiksten Tank

One of my resolves this year (sewing wise at least) is to make one item of clothing each month.

My clothes sewing experience so far includes two staple dresses, one kids dress and two kiddies circle skirts with elastic waists. And when I say includes, I mean sum total. So I am starting off easy and working my way up the complexity ladder. 

My January patten is the Wiksten tank. I teamed it up with some sweet Lisette fabric I got from Spotty. 

It is really super soft. 

I was a bit of a rebel and didn't make a muslin (I know!!) and lucky for me the fit worked out ok. Actually, it worked out great which is terrible because I know it will just encourage bad habits in me! There would have been swearing if it didn't after all those bias bound seams. If I were to make it again I would consider ditching the pocket. And I'd probably drop the neckline down an inch and narrow the straps a smidge. I am busty and I think those changes would make it more flattering. 

Process wise, I'd probably just measure the dimensions of the bias tape I need and cut it with a rotary cutter next time. Mine came out kind of raggedy which made attaching it a bit tricky. I blame it on being a lefty with right handed scissors. I also have one or two small folds where I have attached the binding but I think with practice I will eliminate that problem. 

Still it came out pretty professional looking. It doesn't scream home made. I was yammering on about the advantages of a French seam to my husband. To his credit, he did a decent job of looking interested. And he was very complimentary when I put it on this morning.

Next up I have an Alder skirt or a Bess top. Anyone have any other suggestions for patterns to try which are still pretty easy and come out great? 

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