Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Is this thing on?

Ha! I hope no one reads this.

If you are reading along, bear with me - I am just learning this blogging jazz. Must check out if there is a blogging for dummies book (I am sure there is, there is a Dummies book for everything, right?). Or if I can later go back and delete embarrassing blog posts....Hmmm.

Anyhoo, no better way to learn than jumping in and getting my feet wet, so away we go.

So, this is where I plan to occasionally blog about all things sewing related. Realistically, it won't be too often as the Day Job and family life keep me pretty busy.

I have been sewing for a little over a year - I started when I was pregnant with Miss Bird. To be fair I had owned a sewing machine for longer than that (it sat in the garage collecting dust as my dear husband had predicted it would) until my sister, tired of me talking about how I was going to make a quilt, bought be some fabric and a rotary cutter for my birthday. I had to make something after that, right? It would have just been wasteful otherwise... So after that first (very wonky) patchwork quilt, I got bitten by the sewing bug. That first sewing machine has since bitten the dust - I suspect I just wore it out, as I spent a lot of my mat leave sewing up a storm. I am in the market for a new baby at the moment while my mum has very kindly loaned me hers.

2014 is what I am calling my "Year of Handmade" - I am trying to make as many gifts as possible for the year, it helps justify the expense of all that fabric, ahem...  I have a to-do list as long as my arm and ideas constantly whirling in my head.

OK, so that should do for now - I just wanted to figure out how to publish a post....don't want to write too much in case I stuff it.


  1. This thing is on... And hope you are happily sewing away. Looking forward to reading your progress posts!

  2. Haha! This is fun! Visiting from the 2015(!) Bloggers Quilt Festival...my how time flies when we are having fun, eh!!! And look at Lorna's "former" profile picture! What a hoot :) (I love Lorna and her blog!)


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