Saturday, 2 January 2016

2016: Quilty Goals

With the start of the New Year I think it is time for me to come clean and ‘fess up – I have a WIP problem. I am addicted to starting things. The shiny allure of sparkling ideas on Instagram and Pinterest is too much for me to resist, and before I know it I have bundles of fabric set aside, patterns picked and blocks made. And there they sit. Abandoned. Forlorn. And more than anything else, unfinished.

So why do I do this? Part of it is the fun of starting new things. Part is just wanting to jump on the bandwagon of whatever the current “it” project is.  (How I have managed to avoid starting a La Passacaglia is beyond me). Part of it is that there is too much inspiration everywhere. And part of it is lack of will power, plain and simple. Probably also the reason I don’t fit in my skinny jeans any more.

So, I am calling it out. I am going to finish some WIPs. In order to do that and be accountable, I need to list them. Here goes....

Already started: 
1.       Moda building blocks quilt
2.       Swoon
3.       Midnight Mystery QAL
4.       Genny Ruth quilt
5.       Scrappy X quilt
6.       The Beehive Quilt sampler
7.       My Queen Bee Beehive quilt 
8.       Cordelia’s Garden
9.       Love Patchwork & Quilting Mag BOM
10.   Storm at Sea Pillow
11.   Economy Block Quilt
12.   Star light Star Bright pillows
13.   Tula Pink Economy Block pillow
14.    My brother's 30th quilt
15.    Intrepid thread challenge quilt

My poor neglected Swoon

My Blossom Heart Quilts Bee Hive Sampler - only a few more blocks to go before I can sew it all up

Mmmm, that is embarrassing and a lot more than I thought I had. Still. I am going to call it and say that some of these will never be finished. I have just lost the fire to finish them, or there is just so much to go and so much that I want to do more that I think I am going to combine some to make a scrappy sampler (inspired by this one by Jodi @ Tales of Cloth).

Next up: not started but I have fabric reserved in my stash (which means that I can’t use it for anything else) and the pattern:
1.       Aviatrix in Botanics / Lizzy House Jewels
2.       Pixel Plus in Acacia
3.       Plus quilt in Les Amis
4.       Charming quilt in Paradiso

Then there are the quilts I am super keen to make but am not allowed to til I finish.some.WIPs.
1.       Roundhouse
2.       Quarter Dresens (inspired by this one, again by Jodi @ Tales of Cloth) – I have some charm packs that I want to use up
3.       Scrappy Trip Around the World in Sunnyside
4.       Gypsy Wife
5.       Cathedral windows pillow (I’m realistic, I know I would never in a million years finish a quilt)

Goodness! I think I will be an old lady before I finish this list. Imagine if I could do it all in one year?! That is 24 items. Better get started!!

This list will also serve as my FAL goal list for the year. I absolutely am not starting any new projects til some of these are crossed off my list. 

2016 FAL


  1. That was the last six months around here! Over holiday break I FINALLY got to start a new project. I cannot say how much joy was involved with cutting the fabric. 12 quilts did get finished so, that was a huge accomplishment, you can too!

  2. Good luck with your WIP's. I'm still working on my list.

  3. It is a long list, but by making it you are reminded of things and will be able to at least get started on finishing! Best of luck!

  4. It is a long list, but by making it you are reminded of things and will be able to at least get started on finishing! Best of luck!

  5. Wow, what a list...just imagine if you manage half, you would be finishing 12 quilts!

  6. Ive wanted to make a swoon forever....but wont let myself until I get somethings finished!!! Good luck!!! You can do it!!

  7. You are so organized with your quilting plans. I'll be cheering you on to finish!


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